Dilbag Singh Goraya


Dilbag Singh Goraya is a founder of Learn to Win a unique motivational learning system. He had been NRI as a Sales Manager with Coca Cola Company in (Muscat Oman) and at present He has been settled as Permanent Residence in Vancouver, Canada.

He is an educational motivator, business consultant & personality developer – helps you to become a Successful Person.

Since 2006, He is conveying his personal messages that are useful to each and everyone, through his Learn to Win personality development program.

“Learn to Win”
registered under
The Registrar of Trade Marks Registry, New Delhi
Also Registered under The Authority of Victoria BC, Canada.

His unique logo and impressive title inspires people to achieve Success in their life.

He has gained 29 years of experience from his own practical life and through various literature’s and seminars.

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He has delivered several seminars cum training programs in schools, colleges, Govt. employees, federations as well as private and commercial sector, which is appreciated by qualified and professional people. He entertains the audience during his seminar with motivational songs.

We live in a highly competitive and stressful environment and these types of programs are highly desirable to achieve goals in our life.

His motto is to guide the ambitious people to develop their personality and to become a successful person.

He works to inspire people, helping them to realize their strengths. He is spreading his dynamic personal message to the people.

If you have desire to learn, you can learn.
If you have desire to win, you can win.

Desire is like a spark which leads anyone towards the success.

Latest Events

  • Personality Development Seminar at Punjab College of Education Chunni Kalan,
    Fategarh Sahib, Punjab, India
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