Dilbag Singh Goraya


His programmes motivate the people to recognize their true strength and get success in personal and professional life. Goraya is a qualified motivator he has 13 years experience of Sales and Marketing from National and Multi National Company.

He participates in several training workshop/seminar regarding business during his service.

The following Programmes are also conducted:

  1. - Personality Development.
  2. - Stress Management.
  3. - Strategies for Success and Business Development.

Personality Development – Personal development is very essential to each and everyone. The personal development helps the people to be a successful person.

Stress Management – These days because of highly competitive time, stress and overload of work pressure environment are inevitable. For proper management of time help the people to become a “successful person”.

Strategies for Success and Business Development – He guides the people about strategies for success with Jantra, Mantra & Tantra which is also appreciated by the qualified and professional people.

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